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Why Chiropractic
By seeking Chiropractic care, you have chosen a new road to health. You have made a radical change to regain your health-just as thousands of people satisfied by Chiropractic Care. Some of your friends may be skeptical; a few may be unknowledgeable of modern Chiropractic Care and its benefits-just as you may have been at one time. Therefore you will want to explain your logical reasons for taking adjustments to regain your health.
You can understand that a house is in danger of collapse when its from is out of line, or that the function of an automobile will prove defective and dangerous if its supporting structures are bent and distorted, and its movable parts are out of alignment. Of course then, you can understand that bent and twisted body frameworks cause ailments throughout the entire body.

Research and study have revealed that if any two spiral bones and the disc between them are not in their proper relationship, the openings through which the nerves pass will be decreased, inflicting irritation upon these nerves. This misalignment results in disorders in those parts for which such nerves are responsible.

The first requisite of good health is the maintenance of the mechanical integrity of the body, keeping it free from spinal defects and postural distortion. This is what Chiropractic is all about.

The practice of Chiropractic is as broad as the nervous system, which controls al organs, glands and tissues of the body. Therefore, modern Chiropractic is applicable to a wide variety of diseases, which affect the human mind and body.
Posture :

Poor posture is a problem that is plaguing mankind today
How often do parents tell their children to straighten up, pull in their stomachs, and square their shoulders?
One can easily recognize a person with poor posture, but few recognize the far-reaching effect that incorrect posture may have on health.
Poor posture leads spinal curvature, and spinal curvature is a serious liability, i.e :
It causes nerve irritation at the inter vertebral openings (where nerve emerge from the spinal cord) places muscles and ligaments under strain, crowds internal organs, and impairs circulation.
The Key - Good Spinal Balance

The Chiropractor maintains that physical well being begins with good spinal balance.

To illustrate some of the cause of postural problems:

  A short leg, causing lipping of the pelvis and a corresponding curvature of the spine.
  The repeated unequal pull of muscles due to occupational stresses.
  Overweight, aggravated by loss of muscle tone
  Falls, injuries, blows and perhaps most important of all, the constant pull of gravity when the body is erect.
  Normal wear and tear on the joints of the spine and pelvis and the gradual thinning of the inter vertebral discs.

Skeleton houses vital organs

The spine supports virtually all our vital parts, directly or indirectly. It can be said that every organ has a proper size, shape and place, situated as they are inside a skeletal framework.
These parts cannot reside in an abnormal position too long or their function will be impaired for example.

  If the neck becomes too badly distorted a person may be more prone to headaches, shoulder and arm problems.
  If a person’s shoulders are round and the chest hollow, that individual prone to chest ailments.
  If the spine if “sway-backed” the individual is more susceptible to backache, fibrosis of the muscles and disc problems
Correction should start early

From the foregoing it can be seen that poor posture can produce many conditions, as well as distort the individuals appearance.
Many postural problems have their start in childhood. Parents noticing a postural defect in a child would be wise to see a Chiropractor immediately, for the importance of correcting minor faults in body mechanics in the early stages cannot be over-emphasized.
As we get older, we may find ourselves suffering from one or more of the aforementioned condition, due to accumulated effects of poor posture.
Even postural defects of years standing may often be helped by Chiropractic adjustments.
Good health and good posture are synonymous.