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Benefits of Chiropractic
Discover the Benefits of Chiropractic

Brain, Stress, Psychological effects : Increased blood supply to the brain; improved concentration; reduced anxiety; reduced irritability, depression, tiredness and clumsiness; relief from anorexia nervosa; improved memory; greater muscular relaxation; release of tissue memory; improved sleep, more energy.
Nervous System : Nerve irritation is relieved, pathological reflexes are blocked, eliminated or altered; meningeal stress is reduced; nerves receive better blood flow; better sym-pathetic and parasympathetic nerve balance; homeostasis is enhanced.

Immune System : Immune system function is enhanced; improved nerve supply to organs of immunity including spleen, tonsils, appendix and lymphoid tissue.

Neck and Head : Relief from headache including migraine; relief from head pains, acute chronic neck pain, acute and chronic whiplash and post concussion syndrome; healthier discs; reduced disc pressure; disc healing from protrusion and herniation; better spinal balance; less “wear and tear” on joints and discs; TMJ syndrome relief.

Breathing and Lung Effects : Stress relieved from lungs; improvement of respiratory function, “opening” of lungs; improved breathing ability; improvement of bronchitis, allergies, sinusitis, common cold, pneumonia.

Sexual Organ Effects (Male) : Improved sexual function more energy, improved function of reproductive organs including prostate; relief of testicular pain, correction of infertility (inability to conceive).

Cardiovascular: Greater nerve supply to heart and coronary arteries; improved circulation; less nerve stress; normalization of blood pressure.

Digestion and Elimination: Improved digestion and elimination; improved function of throat, stomach and duodenum, small and large intestines, colon and anus; relief from ulcers; greater nerve supply to entire digestive tract, liver and gall bladder. Help with kidney, bladder, and colon. Improved nerve supply to organs of elimination.

Eyes and Ears: Improved hearing, relief from vertigo, recovery from deafness. Improved vision, eye function; increased visual fields, recovery from blindness, help for cross-eye and nystagmus (wandering eye); improved nerve and blood supply to eyes and eye muscles.

Lower back and disc: Relief from acute and chronic lower back pain as well as acute and chronic whiplash; healthier discs; reduced disc pressure including disc healing from protrusion and herniation. Prevention of future back surgery. Increased low back stability; hips and spine more balanced; less “wear and tear” on joints and discs.

Upper extremities:
Relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder, arms and hand problems.

Lower extremities: Hips, knees, feet more balanced; less pressure on nerves and joints, better balance, improved posture; relief from sciatica and leg pain.

Sexual Organ Effects (Female) : Improved sexual function; more energy; improved function of reproductive organs including ovaries, vagina and uterus. Correction of infertility (inability to conceive); improvement or amelioration of gynecological conditions such as menstrual pain, bloating, and PMS; less severe morning sickness; less discomfort during pregnancy; easier childbirth and reduced labor; reduction in menopausal symptoms (depression, hot flashes, back or joint pain, irritability, headaches and/or fatigue).

Overall effects on body structure: Less pressure on body in general; joints are aligned; weight is carried more evenly; muscles are strengthened and balanced; trigger points and hot spots are removed; increased flexibility; chemical balance is enhanced; excess free radical production is reduced.

Especially for infants: Balanced symmetry of facial and cranial bones; correction of foot and hip inversion, clubfoot, hip dysplasia; improved ability to breast feed. Improvement of colic, pyloric stenosis, constipation, fevers. Protection from crib death. Better sleep,. Correction of torticollis, improved neurologic development; relief from seizures; reversal of muscular dystrophy.

Especially for children: Improved immune system for greater resistance to disease; lessening and decreased severity of colds; absence or decreased intensity of childhood diseases. Help for bed-wetting; relief from tonsillitis; fewer ear infections (and faster recovery); improved hearing; better lung and bronchial health; asthma relief. Improved IQ scores; alleviation of attention deficit and learning disorders; decreased hyperactivity; improvement of speech disorders, autism, neuromuscular conditions, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, juvenile myasthenia gravis, muscular dystrophy, lupus erythematosis. Bones grow in better relationship to gravity.